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Comments received from employers…..

16th July 2004 (EL GECKO DESIGNS)

Very impressed with drawing/design conceptual skills. I feel the students could be exposed to more of the available products/technologies to push the design limits. I realize this is a design course as opposed to decorating – but practical knowledge of how soft furnishings and their hardware works is vital to create good designs that can be implemented without hitches.

The student is a very talented, mature, confident and enthusiastic person, and I believe with her passion and flair she will go far in her chosen field. She is a very organized thinker – capable of creative and practical thinking and was a HUGE asset while with us – we will miss her! Her computer skills really were helpful and I am going to get sketch up for the business as it has proved so valuable in presentations.

Comments received from past students…..

  • Andre Loock - Graduated B.Tech Arch. Tech. in 2001 - Currently working for Devereux Architects Limited - London

"PE Technikon offers a great course in terms of preparing an individual for a broader field than just architecture although it in itself is very good. CAD skills gained at PE Tech provides an individual with confidence and poises you for whatever your project architect can throw your way, even if your experience lacks in a certain sectors. The technical program of study also prepares you well for the future regarding detailing skills, understanding construction documents and working on a project team whilst liaising with consultants. For anyone wanting to start his or her own companies shortly after graduating there are allot to build from. General office practice is a very integral part of running your own business and the course do cover this in your degree year."

  • Corryn Frankland - Graduated B.Tech Arch. Tech. 1998 - Currently working for Kann Finch Group - Sydney

    "In my opinion, the technical course is the only way to learn. As a mentor to students now, I'll only accept students from technically focused institutions for the following reason: on day one they're able to start working with practical knowledge." 

  • Roxanne Momberg - Graduated B.Tech Arch. Tech. 2002 - Currently working for Boogertman and Partners in JHB.

"I'm so glad I did my B.Tech where we had to do everything - Technical, presentation and design. The technical side was great. Learn how to use Sketch up - especially the Sunstudy!"

  • Lara-Ann Moldenhauer - Graduated B.Tech Arch. Tech. 2005 - Currently working for PRP Architects in Surrey, UK.

"Please, never loose the accent on TECHNICAL RESOLUTION. The needfor technical detailers is so great!"

  • Ava O'Grady (nee Mosca) - Graduated N. Dip Arch. Tech. in 1995 - Currently working in the UK.

    "Very good course - I was able to adjust to UK building regs without too many problems.

  • Jackie Blair - Graduated N. Dip Arch. Tech. in 2000 - Currently working for Bentel Associates International in Jhb.

    "Thoroughly enjoyed my time at Tech."

  • Phillip Loots - Graduated B.Tech in 2001 - Currently working for Devereux Architects Limited - London

"I think the biggest advantage of the course is the all round ability that it develops. When you start looking for work in a foreign country employers are very reluctant to employ someone with limited experience in a country other than theirs. Being able to do a bit of everything certainly makes you stand out amongst candidates with the same amount of experience."

  • Eugene Venter - Graduated in 1994 - Currently partner in ITM Architects - South Africa

"I think we as Architectural Technologists can and should be very proud of our qualification.The course has always been of an exceptionally high standard and should remain as such. Students must be made aware that the course provides you with a solid foundation of the profession and architecture, but the learning experience does not stop."