HOD: Mr Hyacinthe Tonga

We fall under the Faculty of Engineering, the Built Environment and Technology:
School Of Architecture
Our Vision & Mission
LEAD THE WAY in Architectural Technology: To lead in professional technological education and innovation.
For the past 20 years, 100% of students achieving their National Diploma or Advanced Diploma: Architectural Technology
degrees from us, found employment, in their chosen field, upon finishing their studies. Focus on design,
technology, computer applications and sustainable development in Architecture by registering for one of these
affordable career focussed courses.
LEAD THE WAY in Interior Design: A new building is designed but once – Interior spaces are re-used and
designed many times over. If the design of interior spaces, fittings and furniture interests you, a career as an
Interior Designer could be just for you.
Apply for the three year diploma in Interior Design. Follow this with a fourth year and earn an Advanced Diploma: Interior Design.
The Core Values of our Faculty:
The faculty has adopted the Nelson Mandela University values: INTEGRITY; DIVERSITY; EXCELLENCE;

About Us

The Department of Architectural Technology and Interior Design has been successfully Producing Professionals for the past 40 years.

Contact Us
Priya Peters
Tel: 041-504 9928

Hyacinthe Tonga
HOD and Lecturer - Architectural Tech. and Interior Design
Tel: 041 504 3517