After a validation visit to NMMU's Department of Architectural Techology and Interior Design, SACAP's visiting board recommended to SACAP that graduates with the degree of Bachelor of Architectural Technology offered by NMMU's Department of Architectural Technology and Interior Design, be allowed to register as Candidate Senior Architectural Technologists and furthermore that students who successfully completed the National Diploma in Architectural Technology be allowed to register as Candidate Architectural Technologists. Another significant attainment! Furthermore the visiting board recomended to SACAP and CAA Councils that the qualification B.Tech:Architectural Technology (Applied Design) and the restructured B.Tech:Architectural Technology both be granted Part One status. The International Federation of Interior Designers/Architect's invited the NMMU's Department of Architectural Technology and Interior Design to submit its Interior Design Programme for evaluation, with a view to recognition and for the department to become a member of the Federation. Prof. Christo Vosloo presented the course to the Federation's General Assembly in Copenhagen, on 30 September 2005. At the end of the presentation the General Assembly voted to accept the Department as an Educational Member and hence all the Federation's member countries will recognise the NMMU's Interior Design qualification. Only three other South African programmes (all in Gauteng) amd only one other African programme have been granted this status.


The department of Architectural Technology and Interior Design has successfully obtained unconditional national and international accreditation for the next four years from the South African Council for the Architectural Professional, and the Commonwealth Association of Architects (affiliated to the Royal Institute of British Architects) as of the 14 May 2010.


The validation inspection for the Architectural Technology course was conducted from the 26-28 May 2014. The visiting board was satisfied that the academic programmes submitted for validation met the minimum standards requisite for recognition set by SACAP and the CAA and recomended Continued Unconditional Validation. SACAP will, therefore, continue to register graduates with the following qualifications in the corresponding categories. National Diploma: Architectural Technology - Candidate Architectural Technologist Bachelor of Technology: Architectural Technology - Candidate Senior Architectural Technologist Bachelor of Technology: Applied Design - Candidate Senior Architectural Technologist The visiting board further recomends to the CAA that the B Tech: Applied Design be recognised as complying with the requirements of a Part 1 qualification.