The Architectural Technology and Interior Design department identifies facilities, with needs, on an annual basis and tries to engage and assist where possible.

For 2015 the Architectural Technology second year group, under the guidance of Mrs Chanelle Edgar recognised the great need of basic day care centres in Walmer Township, which look after children from babies to pre-schoolers whilst their parents are working.

Once two such needy centres had been engaged with, their needs were established and areas of assistance were identified. Mrs Edgar engaged the second year students to collect funds, toys, books, clothing and food as donations; but also as a class committed time to painting, making furniture, curtains, mattresses and blankets for the Mathawe Themba Day Care centres. The commitment did not end there, the class committed to continue to assist both these centres for the duration of the academic year.

The first implementation stage was done during April holidays as the students’ academic program is quite full. In this stage a classroom was implemented by fitting vinyl flooring, painted the fa├žade, building small tables and chairs as well as cleaning up the play area and fitting AstroTurf.

The children now have a colourful space that supports learning and play, blankets and mattresses for nap times, as well as essential learning tools such as stationery, puzzles and posters stored in shelving made by our students.

The ergonomic seating and tables, the students built, doubles up as a work area, a place to eat lunch for the children and the table tops are also usable as chalkboards to do artwork.

The second year students maintain they benefited the most from this engagement as it opened their eyes to the real need in society and that resources exist to supply those needs, it just needs an implementer!

The project strengthened our sense of civic responsibility, working for the public good while being creative and learning basic skills and promoting NMMU core functions and values.


During their April holiday, 7 interior design students worked at the Elukholweni Farm School in Seaview as part of their curriculum.

The students had to work with one Grade R classroom that was very illequipped. A container for storage was also found on the property, and this was turned into a reading/fantasy corner. Space planning was introduced in the classroom to promote a better teaching space, and the teachersdesk was also supplemented with additional storage that was much needed. Seating was also created outside, along with obstacle courses for the grades R's to play on.

Along with the above mentioned, the students also installed a roof over the entrance of the classroom with a lockable area that creates a safe storage area for school bags, extra toys and lunch boxes.

The container was cleaned out and pallet furniture was installed to aid the teacher and to promote reading with the children. All the materials and money for paint etc was collected and organized by the students with the help of sponsors and donations.

The students only had 5 days to complete the project and it was lovely to visit the school and watch the children interact with their new space.