The Council for Higher Education promulgated the Higher Education Qualifications Sub-Framework in January 2013.

In terms of the agreement with the Department of Higher Education and Training the BTech degrees are to be phased out and replaced with an Advanced Diploma.

The MTech Degree has been deactivated and will not be offered from 2016.

How to calculate your Applicant Score (AS)
  • Your Applicant Score (AS) is calculated using six NSC 20-credit subjects. Please note that Life Orientation (LO) is excluded as it is only a 10-credit NSC subject.
  • Write down your Grade 12 subjects and your most recent exam results obtained in each subject (NO Gr 12 March results).
  • You MUST include the results for the following three subjects: 1) Home language; 2) 1st Add. Language; and 3) Maths; or Maths Lit; or Technical Maths. Your Applicant Score mustalso include any subjects required by the qualification for admission.
  • For applicants with seven Grade 12 NSC subjects, their AS is calculated by adding the percentages for six 20-credit subjects. This gives a score out of 600.
  • For those applicants taking eight or more subjects their AS is calculated as follows: add the percentages obtained for your three main subjects (two languages and Maths, or Maths Literacy, or Technical Maths), plus the percentage(s) for any subject(s) required by the programme, together with the percentage(s) for the next best / highest subject(s), to a maximum of six subjects.
  • In addition, for those applicants from quintile 1, 2 or 3 school* who attain 50% or higher for Life Orientation, 7 points may be added to their score out of 600 to arrive at their final AS.
Architectural Technology:
Math Lit – total AS score of 345 (Math Lit 60% min)
Math – total AS 330 (Math 45%min)
Interior Design:
Math Lit - total AS score of 330 (Math Lit 50% min)
Math - total AS 315 (Math 30% min)
The above calculation excludes Life Orientation as a subject.

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