Data Centre

1st year “Get Started” Stationary Requirement List

  • The list is dispersed at registration.

  • All stationary is available in the centre.

  • Purchase all the stationary you don’t have, as you will need it.

  • Stationary is at “Back to School” prices, only while stocks last.

What the facility offers

  • Stationary & Paper
  • Photocopying (large format/scanning)
  • Binding
  • Small School Library

Printing & Photocopying

What the facility offers

  • A4 – A0 colour printing
  • A4 – A3 colour photocopying
  • A4 – A3 colour scanning
  • A2 – A0 black/white scanning
Contact Us
Miss Jacqui Hoon
Position: Administrative Coordinator
Department: Architecture
Room: 210
Location: South Campus
Phone: 0415042445
Fax: 0415041077
Responsibilities: Data Centre