Elukholweni Primary Farm School
Our Project As a second year Interior Design class, we took part in a community project whereby we renovated two shipping containers into grade two and three classrooms for the Elukholweni Primary Farm School in Seaview. We were also tasked to redesign two bathrooms and a kitchen, which were in poor condition. Our aim was to create an environment that was stimulating and conducive to a productive and great learning experience.

Our Idea GROWTH WITH A RICH AND ENERGETIC COLOUR PALETTE Our design incorporated both the idea of educational growth and physical growth through the representation of the vertical shapes and lines within our designs. The colour palette chosen was one that is both energetic and stimulating as well as slightly muted to aid concentration and an overall educational experience.

WHAT WE LEARNT We, as interior design students, learnt to use our knowledge of design to benefit the community. implementing a design in real life taught us the importance of space planning and gave us an idea of how a project is run. as a group it was insightful to see the process development. In the end the project was a success and the school is now ready to welcome the children.